Eyebrows are the frame of the face.

99% of people do not have perfect brows, in fact, most sets of brows are not symmetrical and therefore by having this treatment you can bring the WOW effect to your brows!


Throughout your life you eyebrows will change, this could be due to a number of things mainly over plucking, aging and possibly ill-health. Investing in permanent makeup can help to restore your brows which will instantly enhance your entire facial features, frame your face and open up your eyes making you appear younger and even more beautiful than you naturally are. 

Hair strokes are perfectly implanted into the skin using precise techniques to blend, lift and define the brow as well as adding warmth, expression and depth and improving and enhancing the shape. Jemma also offers a powdered effect to her clients.


The brows are shaded over to give the effect that the client has constant perfectly applied  water-proof, smudge-proof and completely natural makeup so you can wake up perfect every day! On your appointment, Jemma will take her time and spend around 30-40 minutes designing the brows to suit your expectations and make them as symmetrical as is physically possible. If you get your eyebrows waxed or tinted please have this done 72 hours prior to your procedure.


Straight after your procedure, your brows will appear bolder but the colour will soften as the tissue heals in a few days. It is common for the brows to heal patchy and areas to fade more than others after the first treatment. This is 100% normal and is all part of the healing process which will be treated on you 4-6 week top-up procedure.

 The treatment is not deemed complete until you have had your top up 4-6 weeks after your initial procedure to make slight alterations and add more colour. Once you have had this it’s recommended you have annual colour boosts to keep them looking fresh.


Some eyebrows may need additional procedures to achieve the desired results and fees may apply for this.

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As we age our lips shrink and fade

With Semi permanent make up we can enhance our colour and define our shape. Jemma can even reshape uneven lip lines whether caused by the ageing process or cold sores.


This procedure can also help camouflage scars/freckles and prevent lipstick bleed. There is a wide range of lip colours from natural to a more dramatic shade. The lip treatments can give a fuller effect and Jemma offers 3 different options to her clients:

Lip Liner – Jemma will implant pigment carefully along the line of the lip and blend it in to give a permanent lip liner effect.
Lip Blush – A lip tint is carefully implanted into the skin giving a more enhanced shade to the lips.
Full Lip Blush – this is the full liner and blush treatment giving the client enhanced and defined lips with their chosen colour so all they need to do is add lip gloss and they are ready to go!

The chosen colour at first is 70%-40% darker than the healed result, (because of epidermal cell renewal). In some cases, the healed colour may not been see for up to 3 months. After the first treatment the colour will fade to lighter than the desired shade and this will be touched up at your 6 week top up as well as any alterations to the shape.


If you have ever suffered from a cold sore it is important that you take the correct steps to try and prevent you coming out in a breakout after the procedure although even if this is done the procedure could still cause a breakout. Your doctor can prescribe you with anti-cold sore tablets or you should take a course of zovirax prior and post procedure. You may also wish to take lysine tablets (available at health food stores) for up to 2 weeks prior and post procedure. A cold sore is a virus which unfortunately never leaves and may resurface at any time especially if there is trauma to the lips. Even if you have only ever had one years ago you must still be aware that having semi permanent lip procedure may result in a breakout.

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Eyeliner define the eyes

Eyeliner can define the eyes and make a difference to your whole face but having to try and create this effect on a daily basis with conventional makeup can be hard work, time-consuming and you can easily over do it!


With permanent makeup, there is no smudging or having to remove every nightit is also swim-proof, gym-proof and can survive any sad event!! Eyeliner can make the eyes look bigger as well as enhancing the colour and making you look more wide awake.

This procedure also makes your lashes look thicker and more defined without the use of makeup by opening, widening and brightening the eye area.

Eye treatments are more irritating than painful. Jemma advises her clients to take an antihistamine prior to their appointment to keep swelling to a minimum this may also need to be repeated the following day of the treatment. The eyelids are very sensitive so treatments in this area are very gentle. It is important to come to your appointment wearing no false eyelashes and ensure any semi permanent eyelashes are removed 72 hours prior treatment. after you have had your treatment it is important to avoid wearing any make up on the eyes for a few days and avoid false lashes until the area is healed (around 10-14 days).

The first treatment healed results will be quite subtle and in some cases pigment may disappear altogether in the healing process, the 4-6 week top up will determine the true healed colour but further visits may be required to achieve a dark full black eyeliner.

"Had my eyeliner tattooed on today. Really happy with it. Thank you x"

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